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1 week 1 hour ago #220738 by lravel
R export issues was created by lravel

i have some problems with directly exporting the data from LimeSurvey to R as specified in the Manual Pages, the R syntax gives me the follwing error:

"Error in source("survey_595593_R_syntax_file2.r", encoding = "UTF-8") :  survey_595593_R_syntax_file2.r:44:41: unexpected INCOMPLETE_STRING
43: data[, 10] <- as.character(data[, 10])
44: attributes(data)$variable.labels[10] <- "[Intelligibility] 

I was assuming that this error is related to the fact that R doesn't accept newline characters when assigning the questions to the data frame...? I would like to keep the question format containing newlines in the text, though. I tried to select the "export question codes"- option in the LimeSurvey Menu, however, it still exports the whole question text and not only the question code- Is there something else that has to be done to only export the question codes to avoid issues reading in the data directly into R? 

For now, i exported the csv file and read it into R manually. Since i now also have to reformat the data i thought i notify you that this lessens the ease of use of data export...  >.> 

Besides, i had troubles finding the plugin configuration options so it might help to specify that the "plugin menu" is to be found in the "configuration > plugin manager"- option and not in the "simple plugins"- menu. 

Thank you very much& have a nice day,


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