Applying limesurvey RBAC to custom report for Admin users

10 months 2 weeks ago #210371 by duvemyster
We have a custom report that uses LSRC2, written in php (yii2). Is there a plugin framework already written that would let apply limesurvey's RBAC controls to make this php file accesible by admin users, but not by others?

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10 months 2 weeks ago #210443 by duvemyster
Here is a little more info, in the spirit of attempting to ask a good question!

1. We utilize LimeSurvey to collect information from groups of people who work together but have different responsibilities. This also involves several steps, where completely different surveys are sent at different times in the process. Then the final results are reviewed as a whole for each group.

2. Our custom reports utilize common participant attributes across different surveys (5 to 11, depending on the type of review) to correlate response status and a few responses.

3. While automated responses meet the need when everyone completes their surveys on time. When this does not happen, then our custom reports help keep stay on track.

4. And on a few items collected it helps us to be able to look at a combined report spanning different surveys.

This is working well for us. We would see more added value by having a single-sign-on, rather than keeping our reports separate.

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