Upgrading Plugin from 3.* to 4.0

7 months 4 weeks ago - 7 months 4 weeks ago #193229 by jonasdoerken
Hello everybody,
I have written a plugin that works quite a lot with the API of Limesurvey. Among others the function getQuestions. After I found out that I now have to create a config.xml to load my plugin, I now get error messages regarding missing columns in the question table.

The function wants to pass 'language' = * as parameter, but since the column does not exist in the new question table, it spits out an error message. Can someone help me with this?

If there is still work to be done, i'd like to help and contribute but I would like to know if i misunderstood something.

Thanks a lot for your answers and I'm happy to help if I can, but unfortunately nobody on IRC answers me...
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