Top-Menu functions (including language switch) don't work

1 week 6 days ago #219557 by Haris.Pap
Hi everyone!
It looks like the top-menu functions (Load unfinished questionnaire, Continue later, Language switch) don't really work.

Although there are workarounds for these functions, what mainly troubles me is that, because of this, only one language can be active per device.

To use another language than the current, one needs to
 - either make a copy of the questionnaire in LimeSurvey, change its name and add it in OfflineSurveys (as a second questionnaire) using the URL of the target language
 - or delete the current questionnaire in OfflineSurveys and add it again using the URL of the target language

Is this a known behaviour?


PS. Checked using the latest version of OfflineSurveys (Ver.: 1.61)

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