Auto-code Questions & Screening out

3 months 2 weeks ago - 3 months 2 weeks ago #209943 by Matadeleo
Is it possible to auto-code questions in an offline survey?


- New page
AssignAgeBracket: {AgeBracket=if(Age < 19, 1, 2)}
- New page

I've attached a test survey.

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File Name: offlinesur...test.lss
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I assume this is a problem as offline surveys are in "all-in-one mode" and the assignment will take place when the initial survey loads.

Secondly, how do we implement this note from the developer in our surveys?

aaskoura wrote: Android will start supporting abortSurvey() from JS... on your survey if you call Android.abortSurvey() it will exit the survey without saving results..

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