Duplicate Quota cells issue after survey duplication

6 years 2 months ago #111201 by PetrusR
When my admin user uses the survey duplication feature and selects to duplicate quotas attached to the survey too, it duplicates the survey and quotas as expected.
But some of quotas attached to the new survey are duplicated as well, i.e. random quota cells in the original survey have 2 quotas with the same name and settings in the new survey.

The duplicated quota cells appear to be a ghost version of the original in that it doesn’t actually require double the number of respondents. For example, if you needed 10 males in regional areas it will show two quota cells with the exact same requirements – but once 10 respondents have met this quota both of these quota cells will register as being met.
To get around the problem the admin exports the CSV files to Excel, removes the duplicated quotas and then uses the Excel file to keep track of quota requirements.
The reason for this is that the total N (limit) for the new survey includes all of the duplicated cells e.g. For a survey where N=1000, the duplicate will have N=1215 for some reason. Or for N=1500, the duplicate shows N=1729. The cells duplicated are not consistent so for every duplication of a survey there will be a different number of additions.

As far as we know there is nothing like a rule /default or template which causes this duplication.
If the admin duplicates the survey without quotas, the new survey have no quotas as expected.

We use version 2.05 140217
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