The survey is completed, but does not save the answers

3 days 28 minutes ago #218401 by admin67
Hi!We are using version 3.15.6 + 190108, and we have a problem.Sometimes it appears on the participants screen that a participant has completed the questionnaire, but the answer has not been saved.In the image this happens with the respondent in the last line.On those occasions, we resend the questionnaire, and sometimes, on the second try, it does save the answers, but not always.We have conducted many surveys and surveyed thousands of people in the last 4-5 years, and it happens occasionally, but with increasing frequency.You know that it may be due?

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2 days 19 hours ago #218411 by holch
This is really difficult to say. Could be a lot of things, including a bug in Limesurvey. Given that you are running a 2,5 year old version of Limesurvey, if it is a bug it might be long corrected.

There have been quite a few updates to Version LS 3.x since then.

Let's see what others say and if they are aware of such a bug. In anyway, you should really consider updating.

I was about to ask if you have the option "exit and clear survey" activated in your survey, but I guess this should only work until the survey is submitted anyway.

I answer at the LimeSurvey forum in my spare time, I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH employee.
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