Random answers in 2x2 radio list does not randomise answers

1 year 5 months ago #210282 by plafeber
Hello all,
I am learning more and more how to apply the features of Limesurvey to make more and more effective surveys and specifically assessments.
The latest result is one you can have a look at right now; www.multi-grade.nl/limesurvey/index.php/442995
I have given it a time limit and I have set each question to randomise the answers.
When I test it, I notice that the answers are given in the exact order that I entered them. Could this be a bug?
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1 year 5 months ago #210285 by DenisChenu
I don't register to make a test …

Else : remind to test with newtest=Y each time. With 2 answers : have same order happen 50% each time.

Assistance on LimeSurvey forum and LimeSurvey core development are on my free time.
I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH member, professional service on demand , plugin development .
I don't answer to private message.
The topic has been locked.

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