setting bounce address doesn't work

2 weeks 1 day ago #206773 by tpartner
I think you mis-read Denis. Please keep in mind that English is not his native language so there may be some cultural/language oddities. I commend him for responding here - his English is waaay better than my French.

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2 weeks 1 day ago #206774 by holch
I second Tpartners statement! Denis is one of the columns that hold this forum together, together with Tpartner he has helped thousands of people with Limesurvey.

I can understand that some of his posts can be mis-read, also because English is not his first language. Nevertheless, Denis is one of those people that will help as much as he can. In this case, he basically can't. That's what he is telling you. Could this be written more elegant? Maybe.

But as said before, it is not his first language and thus it might sound "rougher" as it is.

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