Error due to great amount of answer options in a Searchable-Dropdown question

1 month 2 weeks ago #199840 by Vinicos

I added a new language to an activated survey and then I changed the answer options of a Searchable-Dropdown question of this new language (as the new language always appears with the same writing as the original language). When I tried to save these changes, a message was shown:

"Nem todas as opções de resposta foram salvas. Isso geralmente acontece devido a limitações de servidor (configuração PHP max_input_vars) - por favor, contate o administrador do sistema."

Which in English means something like:

"Not all answer options have been saved. This usually happens due to server limitations (PHP configuration max_input_vars) - please contact your system administrator."

After this, some of the options was erased even in the original language and I cannot add them again.

Something similar happen when I was creating the survey and I had to add the options in parts (as there are 177 possible answers). Now, this strategy is not working.

What should I do?

LS 3.22.13+200415

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1 month 2 weeks ago #199841 by Vinicos
It was an issue with my University. They have already solved it.
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