Blocked access to admin interface for bad password error

2 years 2 weeks ago #173566 by achecchini
Nice day to all.

I have a serious problem accessing admin interface. I try to log in with my userID and password today for the first time (last access yesterday with no problem). System replay to me the inhibition for 10 min because too many error password in attempt to access.

Lime is LDAP configured and with 2.x version.

Attempt to access via limesurvey internal DB had the same result!!!

What I can do to restore the traditional behavior ???

Please reply me with urgency because all my users hare blocked to access their surveys!!!

Best regard

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2 years 2 weeks ago #173570 by achecchini
The problem above is now go back.

may be the maxLoginAttempt and timeOutTime have not default values. I check it as soon possible.

Remain the strange thing that the problem, when occur, afflicted all the admin user !!

May be possible because whe have configured Limesurvey acces behind a proxy ??

Thank in advance for reply

The topic has been locked.

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