Bug or my mistake?

3 years 11 months ago #170443 by urbana
Bug or my mistake? was created by urbana
Hi I want the current QID and current GID in my JS code so I add them via:
- var gid = {GID}
- var qid = {QID}

But as you can see in the screenshot of the source code of the loaded survey I get completely wrong codes back

The question id is 3659 but {QID} delivers me 3832

Bug or my mistake?
I use the current version of LS and the survey is in preview mode
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3 years 11 months ago #170448 by jelo
Replied by jelo on topic Bug or my mistake?
What version of LimeSurvey is used? I would attach a small survey with your code here. That way others could easily try to reproduce the issue on other installations.
Did you try your example on demo.limesurvey.org?

The meaning of the word "stable" for users
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