theme extentions losing settings and duplicates appearing

3 years 11 months ago #170305 by joeschwab
I am struggling with a pretty frustrating bug in the theme editor in limesurvey version 3.4.

I have been "extending" this versions' "fruity" theme and attempting to make changes. (I know that previous template versions no longer work in this version)

Initially this seems to work, but seemingly at random the new logo and formatting changes seem to disapear from the theme. Upon investigation, I return to the theme listing and notice duplicates of the same theme extention i had previously created. but none of them will hold the logo setting. when i try to edit any of these duplicates, I get an error that the theme is not compatible.

I had even tried upgrading to the latest version, but the problem persisted. In addition, this caused a mysterious issue where survey participants were receiving "token mismatch" errors on the initial attempt at taking the survey (every single time). Rolling back the upgrade seemed to resolve the second issue.

We have live surveys that are losing formatting changes. As you can imagine, this is beyond frustrating.

Is it possible that the version of the fruity theme I'm trying to "extend" is in fact incompatible?

Could there be some sort of permissions problem?
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3 years 11 months ago #170309 by tpartner
If using the latest version, please file a bug report.

Tony Partner

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