Problem while importing vv response file to survey

6 years 2 months ago #124845 by rtee
I had old survey on old version of LimeSurvey (Version 1.92+ Build 120613), but I want to migrate survey to latest version (Version 2.06+ Build 150831)... I can export survey structure and token to csv files... I can import survey structure and token to new one already... but I cannot import response from old to new one via vv file.. it always returns as "Error"

I try to do same instruction from this , Ben_V suggested to
1) Export both VV files A and B
2) Open VV_A.csv with a text editor and copy the 2 first lines (with all the correct destination IDs)
3) Open VV_B. csv the same way and replace the 2 first lines with those copied from VV_A
4) Import VV_B... and check!

I do same way, but I get error message "199 responses cannot be inserted or updated."
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6 years 2 months ago #125759 by rtee
Help me please....
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6 years 2 months ago #125764 by DenisChenu

Solution 1 : make a copy of your Version 1.92+ Build 120613 and update it to 2.06. (Copy of DB), export LSA or new VV .
Solution 2 : check if the 2 CSV have same coluln order : for example : sometimes token column is at start of CSV, sometimes at end: you NEED to control this before copy/paste header.

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