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1 week 17 hours ago #223471 by MooMarc
Your LimeSurvey version: 3.24.2
University server
For efficiency and quality assurance, I would like to have a way to save export settings, including "selected columns", and to quickly get back to this "export profile" (e.g. with a hyperlink/bookmark).  It would then ensure I'm always getting the same data in the same format and I could quickly get new data regularly.  (My use case is an ongoing questionnaire administered to all participants that come to our lab.  So it's a very long-term project.)

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1 week 12 hours ago - 1 week 12 hours ago #223485 by Joffm
In my opinion the best way would be to create a small script in php, python, or ... using the API



You may start this script by a cron job. So everythings is done automatically.


And feel free to file a feature request for this.

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6 days 18 hours ago #223523 by MooMarc
I thought this forum category was exactly for this, feature requests.

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6 days 16 hours ago #223528 by holch
This is here to discuss future features among users. If you want your feature request to be considered by the developers, you will have to create a feature request in the bug reporting tool. You can use the same credentials as here in the forum. On the top right there is a dropdown where you can switch from bug report to feature request.

I think the idea is good. I would already be happy if Limesurvey would just remember the latest settings, this would be a step ahead. But being able to create some kind of template would be even better and more flexible.

However, please be not too disappointed if your feature request won't make it into Limesurvey in the next couple of years. In my experience, feature requests rarely make it into the tool, if there is no specific interest for it from one of the main developers or no sponsoring. But I think it is worth to spend the time to make developers aware that such a need exists. Please post the link to your request here, so that others can add to it or can second it for more "weight".

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