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6 months 4 days ago #230556 by Daraba
Please help us help you and fill where relevant:
Your LimeSurvey version: 5.3.23
Own server or LimeSurvey hosting: Own Server
Survey theme/template: bootswatch
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Thank you in advance for your help. 

I am a newbie with Lime

I am making some modifications to the framework to adapt it to a client survey.

When a user has completed their survey with their token, (if token completed != N) I need to redirect them to a web page that shows them the result of their survey. The redirect includes the token used and the surveyID.

I have created a controller (resultController) with its view, but when I try to access it, it asks me to authenticate as Admin. Is it possible to access without admin? How can I do it?

Thank you


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6 months 3 days ago #230557 by Joffm

You create a web page to show the results. So this is not related to LimeSurvey. It is your responsibility to design it and establish a connection to the LimeSurvey database.
You created a controller. ??? How can we help without knowing anything about this.

I usually do it by creating a web page (php).
And the desired data I receive
either by direct access (SQL query on the database like "SELECT * from lime_survey_".$SID." WHERE token=".$tok )
or by the API
Here you find the function "export_responses_by_token". Maybe you can use this.

Without more detailled informations from your side it's a bit difficult.


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6 months 3 days ago #230565 by Daraba
Hello Joffm

I have created a ReportsController that has an index method that redirects to a PHP view.

Of course, in the logic of the controller I make the queries to the DB and pass the data to the view.

I have managed to create a controller that extends Survey Common and that does not go through the administration login.

I'm going to continue investigating 

Thank you very much for your help.

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