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Rest API

11 months 3 weeks ago #226512 by nupurjha
Rest API was created by nupurjha
Please help us help you and fill where relevant:
Your LimeSurvey version: Version 3.26.5+210519
Survey theme/template: Custom Vanilla
Hi Team,

We want to use Rest API's of limesurvey so that we can call them from java based external application. So we would like to know is there any Rest API available for following requirements-:
1 - Trigger limesurvey feedback system.
2 - Get how many participants respond.
3 - Get how many participants participate in the survey.
4 - Get response count and participant count. 

Thanks in advance!

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11 months 3 weeks ago #226514 by Joffm
Replied by Joffm on topic Rest API
here what you find in the manual
[url] manual.limesurvey.org/RemoteControl_2_API [/url]

[url] api.limesurvey.org/classes/remotecontrol_handle.html [/url]

Best regards

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11 months 3 weeks ago #226516 by DenisChenu
Replied by DenisChenu on topic Rest API
1. Don't understand what you mean
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes

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