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Script/CLI plugin configuration

1 year 11 months ago #215233 by spfma.tech

I have to find a solution to quickly deploy several instances of LS. As we need to use our LDAP for authentication, a few configuration steps are needed but the people who will use them are not really tech savvy, they need a turnkey solution.

So I started with a Docker image including current LTS version of LS, and managed to add most of the general configuration parameters I needed to adjust. This works well.

But it seems it only possible to setup and activate plugins like AuthLDAP using the GUI .

What is the best way to automate this setup ?

If I understand good, there is no way to use a config file setup in this case. So I could rawly inject the required datas in the "lime_plugins_settings" table, but I would prefer go the "cleanest" way.

I am totally new to LS (since monday) and know absolutely nothing to Yii.

I had a look at "application/helpers/update/updatedb_helper.php" and it seems I can find the required functions to write config parameters in the database just like a control panel would do.

But how to put things together ?

Is there some sample code or quick guide about developping that kind of things and integrate them in an existing LS code tree ?


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