The sequence of events and their early termination

1 week 20 hours ago #212403 by alorenc
  1. Where can I find a description of the sequence of called events?
  2. I would like to know if there are any events between boforeControllerAction and afterControllerAction?
  3. Is it possible to interrupt the execution of an event in such a way that the action following it does not execute?
    For example, if I catch the beforeControllerAction event, how can I prevent the action from being triggered after this event?

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1 week 19 hours ago - 1 week 19 hours ago #212408 by alorenc
ad 3)
If I use the "die()" function it will work. But I don't think that's good practice in this case. Example:
public function init()
public function beforeControllerAction()
        $isPostRequest = $this->api->getRequest()->getIsPostRequest();
        if (!$this->ownController && $isPostRequest && 'admin' == $this->event->get('controller') && 'tokens' == $this->event->get('action') && 'importldap' == $this->event->get('subaction')) {
            //... Here is to run another action from a different controller
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1 week 13 hours ago #212444 by DenisChenu
1. We try
2. , near after : beforeCloseHtml or getPluginTwigPath (not done for this but happen after all action done, just before HTML is produced (in survey))
3. see possible output `run` as false, you can replace any controller by your own or show any message (but this one is outdated : i start to use twig now)

I move this topic to developement

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