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remove the "Finish and delete answers"

2 years 8 months ago #202558 by AdamPolaco
How to remove the "Finish and delete answers" option from surveys from the top right corner The survey must be anonymous??
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2 years 8 months ago #202561 by Joffm
In the "nav_bar.twig" you find this section
<div id="{{ aSurveyInfo.id.navbar }}" class="{{ aSurveyInfo.class.navbarcollapse }}" {{ aSurveyInfo.attr.navbarcollapse }} >
        <ul class="{{ aSurveyInfo.class.navbarlink }} navbar-right" {{ aSurveyInfo.attr.navbarlink }}>
            {{ include('./subviews/navigation/save_links.twig') }}
            {{ include('./subviews/navigation/clearall_links.twig') }}
            {{ include('./subviews/navigation/question_index_menu.twig') }}
            {{ include('./subviews/navigation/language_changer_top_menu.twig') }}

Here you may remove - or better - comment out the not desired links.

I do not know what you mean by "must be anonymous?"
In each type of survey (open, closed anonymous, closed not anonymous) it's the same:
Without this link a respondent who decides to finish the survey (because it is too long, to boring, ...) will close the browser window. But his answers up to this time remain in the answer table.
With the link he may finish and remove his given answers. In my opinion a cleaner solution.


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The topic has been locked.

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