export_responses_by_token and multiple choice with comments questions

1 year 3 months ago #193515 by sshaffer
We are on version 2.06 of Lime. Using the api method "export_responses_by_token", passing headingType "full" and responseType "long". For questions of type "P" (multiple choice with comments), only the last option's comments are returned.

For example, given the below question:

Please check all that apply and comment
checkbox1 "this is a comment"
checkbox2 "so is this"
checkbox3 "and this"

If all three of the above checkboxes were checked in a survey response, with the comments to the right of each, when calling export_responses_by_token we only get the "and this" comment returned. The method returns data showing that all 3 checkboxes where checked, but the top two comments "this is a comment" and "so is this" are not returned.

Is this a bug? If so has it been resolved in a more recent version of Lime Survey? If I change the headingType to "code" then the method does return all the comments, but unfortunately then I am missing information I also need such as the question text. According to the documentation the only valid values for headingType are "code", "full", or "abbreviated".
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1 year 3 months ago #193566 by sshaffer
UPDATE: I've upgraded to version 3.17 and this is still an issue - only the last comment is returned from export_responses_by_token for a multiple choice with comments question. Also tried just export_responses and got the same issue.
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1 year 3 months ago #193581 by tpartner
Please file a bug report and give a link here.

Tony Partner

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