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Mobile devices Limesurvey Version 2.00+ Build 130514

5 years 11 months ago #152281 by cpiguy
Hi Folks,

Seems its hit or miss on mobile devices and lime surveys.
I developed a bunch of surveys back in 2013.
In the template completed page (completed.pstpl) I have a javascript function which takes all the answers and calls a custom php page to insert records into our survey system. Works great on the desktop. Not so well on mobile devices. We get a bunch of blank surveys returned and when talking to respondents, they actually filled out the survey.
 var sVar = "&q001_1_1={Q001}&q002_1_1={Q002}";
     sVar += "&q003_1_1={Q003_SQ001}&q003_1_2={Q003_SQ002}&q003_1_3={Q003_SQ003}&q003_1_4={Q003_SQ004}&q003_1_5={Q003_SQ005}&q003_1_6={Q003_SQ006}&q003_1_7={Q003_SQ007}&q003_1_8={Q003_SQ008}&q003_1_9={Q003_SQ009}&q003_1_10={Q003_SQ010}&q003_1_11={Q003_SQ011}&q003_1_12={Q003_SQ012}&q003_1_13={Q003_SQ013}&q003_1_14={Q003_SQ014}&q003_1_15={Q003_SQ015}&q003_1_16={Q003_SQ016}";
 sVar += "&q003_1_comment="+q003B+"&q003_1_other="+q003_other;
 sVar += "&q004_1_1={Q004.code}&q005_1_1={Q005.code}";
 sVar += "&q006_1_1={Q006}&q007_1_1={Q007}";
 sVar += "&q008_1_1={Q008}";
 sVar += "&q009_1_1="+q00911+"&q009_1_2="+q00912;
 sVar += "&q010_1_1={Q010}";
window.open("https://domain.com/cpsurvey/post_satisfaction.php?cid={csnum}&gpnum={gpnum}"+sVar, "_self");            

Not sure why we get blanks. I was wondering if anyone has found a solution for mobile devices. I'm hoping I don't have to develop a custom mobile survey.

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5 years 11 months ago #152283 by holch
First of all, I would highly recommend to update your installation, if not to the latest branch 2.6x then at least to the 2.6 LTS which is closer to your 2.00+. But your installation is almost 4 years old. That is pretty outdated when it comes to web applications and LS has changed quite a bit in the last few years.

Also: it is very hard to help you with a version like this, because most people helping here in the forum have probably moved on to newer versions long time ago.

There might be a lot of bugs fixed and security issues solved since version 130514. So it actually doesn't make much sense to discuss problems on this version, because they might have been solved long ago already.

I answer at the LimeSurvey forum in my spare time, I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH employee.
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The topic has been locked.

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