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API mail_registered_participants overrideAllConditions parameter

6 years 6 days ago #150112 by stephLH

I try to use the LimeSurvey API to send mail invitations.
I would like to be abe to sen dan invitation to specific tid throught the API.

According to the documentation, I guess the right function is mail_registered_participants with the overrideAllConditions parameter.

Here is the JSON body of my api call to send a mail to the participant associated with the tid 2 :
{"method":"mail_registered_participants","id":" ","params":{"1":"sessionkey","iSurveyID":113724,"overrideAllConditions":{"tid":2}}}

But this call sends the mail invitation to the first 100 participants (and so on with several calls).

Is it possible to send one individual mail throught this API function (like within the user interface) ?

Thanks very much.
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