Commands not active

1 month 2 weeks ago #229792 by eri002
Commands not active was created by eri002
Please help us help you and fill where relevant:
Your LimeSurvey version: [see right hand bottom of your LimeSurvey admin screen]
Own server or LimeSurvey hosting:
Survey theme/template:
(Dear all,
As shown in the attached screenshot, I am not able to see any of the command which usually show up in the left side when you click on any of your surveys. I can not export the data as well. Is this a bug from LimeSurvey? Any leads would be very helpful )

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1 month 2 weeks ago #229798 by Joffm
Replied by Joffm on topic Commands not active
you did not answer the questions about version, hosting (obviously university), etc.
and give more information about your OS, browser

How were you able to create this survey without this menu?
So obviously it was there. And suddenly it disappeared?

Did you change something in your environment?
Did you try a different browser?

Did the university change something?
As recommended on the "public surveys" page
"Bitte kontaktieren Sie Limesurvey-Administrator (Uni Kassel) ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) für weitere Unterstützung. "

You say you can't export the results.
This would mean the top menu isn't working as well, is it?

You understand that only by seeing a screenshot without further information our help is limited.


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1 month 1 week ago #229806 by jelo
Replied by jelo on topic Commands not active
Try a different browser and clean the cache of your current browser. Sometimes the GUI is broken.

The meaning of the word "stable" for users

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