mandatory multiple choice question giving N/A result

1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #222603 by ali.hamoudi
I have a mandatory multiple choice question (choose all that apply). If the respondent clicks on any of the choices, the response is recorded as yes for those subquestions and no for all other subquestions. If the respondent does not click on any choice, the response is N/A for all subquestions and the respondent cannot complete the survey.  For this question, some respondents have results that include yes, no and N/A.  I do not understand how to interpret the N/A result. If the choice was not selected the response would be recorded as no. How is it possible that N/A was a response for some of the subquestions if the respondent answered the question? How should I interpret the N/A result?

I should add: the relevance equation for all subquestions is 1.
It has not occurred with a large number of respondents only a few, but I am concerned there is some sort of glitch that will require me to remove these respondents altogether.
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1 month 2 weeks ago - 1 month 2 weeks ago #222610 by Joffm
as usual our first question: Which version of LS are you using?

My only way to reproduce this in 3.29.17. was:
Close the browser before this question or in this question without clicking anything.
Export the data with option "full answers"

But I could not reproduce a case that one respondent has all three states in his response.
Either ALL subquestions have the text "N/A" or NONE

With option "Answer codes" everything is fine.

Usually you always export the codes (preferable with the conversion of "Y" and "" to a numeric code.)

So, please, explain step by step how we can reproduce your issue.


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