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2 weeks 8 hours ago - 2 weeks 8 hours ago #222430 by marco4960
Hi there,

I am trying to copy conditions from one question to some others. 
The problem is that there is no button for "copy conditions", so I have to set the condition for each question manually. 
Is this a problem with the LimeSurvey version (4.2.8+200608), or are there some settings to enable or disable this button?

I appreciate your support!
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2 weeks 4 hours ago #222435 by Joffm
Replied by Joffm on topic Copy conditions missing
there is no such button.

But you shouldn't use "condition builder" anymore.
"ExpressionScript" is more flexible, mightier and easier to handle.
And you can use all implemented functions.
Just the first "con" of "condition builder":
Try to generate a condition like
(Q1==1 OR (Q1==3 AND Q2=="AAA")) AND ((Q4_SQ001==1 OR Q4_SQ003==3) and Q4_SQ004!=6)

Furthermore you only have to copy/paste your "condition", now called "relevance equation".

By the way

so I have to set the condition for each question manually

If you structure your survey well, you may set this condition on group level instead on question level (of course with ExpressionScript)

And in your screenshot I do not understand what you are trying to do.
There is twice the same condition

If you are trying to display G01Q02 only if ALL subquestions of G01Q01 fulfill this condition (empty or equal 3) you really can do this easier.
Just count the cells that contain "3" by something like countif("3",that.G01Q01.sq_X01)
And the empty cells by something like countif("",that.G01Q01.sq_X01)
Then you can decide.
You see, here I coded the y-axis with "Y01", "Y02,... and the x-axis with "X01", "X02". This important or helpful if you use "self" or "that".
Read the manual about this


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1 week 6 days ago #222448 by holch
Replied by holch on topic Copy conditions missing
First of all: Listen to Joffm.

LimeSurvey version (4.2.8+200608)

Second: Despite this not being a problem of LS 4.2.8+200608, this version is basically 1,5 years old now, you should consider an update to the latest LS 5 (LS4 basically was renamed to LS5). There have been a lot of bug and security fixes within the last 1,5 years.

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