Problems aborting the survey when using access tokens

9 months 2 weeks ago #187784 by roseplasticHR
Hello together,

we´re using access tokens for a employee survey. All surveys get answered on some public PC´s.

1. Employee enters it´s token and starts the survey
2. Employee doesn´t want to complete the survey for whatever reason
3. Employee checks the link in the top for "End survey and delete answers"

4. Now a message asking for restarting the survey appaers

5. Instead of starting the survey and asking for a valid token, the survey starts again with welcome message and the same access token without asking for a new one.

--> My question is: Is it possible, that when I choose "Leave survey and delete answers" the used access token gets invalid and the survey starts again asking for a new valid token?

If it´s not possible to get the old token invalid, it would already be enough to start on the page asking for a new token.


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