Cannot see questions/answers when repeating survey, just navigation buttons

1 year 1 month ago #185556 by johnduffy
I've managed to get a survey working and activated. However, while I can repeat the survey on a phone or tablet, using my PC I cannot restart the survey to enter a different set of answers. I'm testing the case when someone uses it to ask different people the same survey over and over on their web browser on the same computer. I have an easy to remember url which redirects to the actual survey url. This is included on the end text after having completed the survey, which people will click to restart the survey. Restarting it on a mobile or tablet device works ok, but not on my PC. I've deleted all cookies and restarted the browser, which allows me to start the survey again, but after I complete and then restart the survey again it doesn't display the title/questions/answers, just the navigation. But, if I press 'Next' for more than the number of questions, it doesn't navigate to the end, but seems stuck at the first question. The % progress does not change either.

(I can provide the survey url if that helps too.)

All people need to complete the survey is the url, since I'm not gathering any personal information, and the idea is that they can complete it several time with people they know. There are no emails, tokens, participants etc, just the url given to people to do the survey.

I searched for answers on the forum, but didn't see any that seemed relevant.

I would appreciate anyone having any suggestions to try to help.


Below is some setup info:

Token Length = 15

Responses are NOT anonymised

Allow multiple responses or update responses with one token: OFF

Allow public registration: OFF

Enable assessment mode: OFF

Participant may save and resume later: OFF

Set cookie to prevent repeated participation: OFF

Use CAPTCHA for survey access: OFF

Use CAPTCHA for registration: OFF

Use CAPTCHA for save and load: OFF

By the way, the radio button answer wording on a mobile device were partially obscured by the radio buttons. I tried different themes, and different devices, but no change. I had to use this in the custom.css for an extended fruity theme to get it to present the text wording to the right of the radio buttons: .radio-item .ls-label-xs-visibility, .checkbox-item .ls-label-xs-visibility { text-indent: 20px; /* was initial */ }
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1 year 1 month ago #185557 by Joffm
well, we do not know the logic of your survey.

But, did you add "newtest=Y" to the URL?


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1 year 1 month ago #185568 by johnduffy
Hi Joffm, thanks for your reply.

The logic in terms of the flow of the questions is straightforward, each question following the next from the first to the last, with no conditional logic as to which questions are asked. If that is what you mean.

And no, I hadn't added "newtest=Y" to the end of the url. This is my first survey, so it's a bit of a learning curve. Before trying it, can you please tell me what it does?

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1 year 1 month ago #185569 by johnduffy
Just Google'd "newtest=Y" and found some helpful information on it for LimeSurvey. I'll use that in the urls for starting or repeating the survey. That seems to be what I need. Thanks
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