Adjusting the size of buttons and color per row (list, radio)

1 year 4 months ago #183976 by sabinevansleeuwen
Hi team,

Thanks to your helpful feedback, I now have a radio list with bootstrap buttons of 56 categories, divided over 8 colomns (for each 3-hour time slot) and 7 rows (for each day of the week):

As each row represents a different day of the week, I was wondering whether it is possible to give each row a different colour (e.g. from dark to light) and if so, how can I adjust this?

In addition, I was wondering in which way I can change the window of the overall bootstrap question so that the buttons are not for the full 100% spread out of each row, but for example for only 50% or 75% with some white area to the right (as shown in the print screen below)?

Thanks in advance for year reaction!
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1 year 4 months ago #183980 by DenisChenu

@tpartner already give some solution
I close this topic

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