theme files not loading

1 year 5 months ago #179062 by corven
I have a theme that extends the vanilla theme. I've only modified the custom.css file.

when I start the survey, I get many errors in the chrome console because limesurvey is trying to load all the files (base.css, ajaxify.css, theme.css, theme.js...) from the same temp folder where my extended theme is. As expected, that folder only contains css/custom.css file, so the system should go to the temp folder of the parent folder (vanilla) and load the files it couldnt find in the extended them folder.

This used to work just fine but now I have the same problem accross all the surveys and themes.

If I open the survey with one of the default themes( eg vanilla) it works fine.

I've cleared the assets temp folder by updating the assetsversionnumber in the config file, but still no resolution. any ideas of what could be wrong?

I'm using php 7 and limesurvey 3.7.3

thanks in advance for any help
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1 year 5 months ago #179063 by corven
Replied by corven on topic theme files not loading
changed to debug mode to load the templates from their actual directories and not the temp folders.
only having issues with these files:

base.css, ajaxify.css, theme.css,
theme.js, ajaxify.js,

the theme is extended from another extended theme. The system is trying to load those 5 files from each of the previous parent themes
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1 year 5 months ago #179074 by DenisChenu
Replied by DenisChenu on topic theme files not loading

corven wrote: limesurvey 3.7.3

Surely an issue wiuth this version : please, upgrade

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