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The template comes with the LS 2.5 is responding.
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Mazi wrote:

codelogic wrote: When ever I switch to 2.5 this will be one of my first questions. The template is amazing!!!!!!!

Since this question turn up pretty often, a short update: The free version of the wonderful "TFR Responsive Template" is available at and currently supports Limesurvey v2.05 and v2.06 LTS (now renamed to "v2.6.3-lts"). It does not support the current Limesurvey 2.5x (latest release as of today: "2.62.2 (170203)") version of Limesurvey yet.

UPDATE: The TFR Responsive template is finally available for Limesurvey 3 and Limesurvey 4. We have re-build it from scratch in order to work with the new Limesurvey versions and the new template technology used there.

You can get it at

Test survey:

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