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6 years 3 months ago #108134 by pfirschi
Hi guys.
I'm using limesurvey for my PhD survey and I'm facing some issues...
I would like to create a question of the following type:

Q1: Statement XXX

I agree to the statements 1-x-x-x-5
I think the statement is ridiculous 1-x-x-x-5
My partner would agree to the statement 1-x-x-x-5
I want to know who that statement comes from yes/no

So my question... as you can see, the first 3 subquestions are of the same type (matrix, 5 p. likert scale) whereas the last subquestion is nominal (yes/no).
I tried my level best to combine those different question types but keep failing. also, I would be happy to simply combine two questions as an alternative, but that doesnt work as the questions are being randomized and I dont know how to "glue" the question to the statement it belongs to.
I'm fed up.

thanks in advance for your support.
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6 years 3 months ago #108138 by opirnia01
Are you displaying the survey question by question? If so, perhaps you could put initial statement on group page (Q1: Statement XXX), then randomize the other questions (subquestions) within group. Use a different group for each initial statement + sub questions.

Would this gather results as you wish?
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6 years 3 months ago #108140 by pfirschi
Well, Thank you for the tip. I could pretty much randomise the "questiongroups" instead of the single questions then, no?
Well, it's not ideal, as its about 20 statements and people will go mad it its 20 pages.... no other way to deal with it? thank you very much.
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6 years 3 months ago - 6 years 3 months ago #108141 by pfirschi
oh well, I just realised that this is not an option as I have two questiongroups to be randomized. I cant double-randomize them, can I? Hmmm
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6 years 3 months ago #108145 by tpartner
If both the array question and the yes/no questions are in the same group and you are using "group-by-group" mode, you should be able to "glue" them together with JavaScript. The details of the script would depend on how many other questions and types you have in the group.

Can you attach a small sample survey?


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