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I am a newbie and have 1.92 version of the survey from bluehost. Trying to create this in the survey - how can i do this easily? I need to have user pick 1 or 2 choices only. I am thinking about using tooltips, but open to anything that work.
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That's a lot of text to put in a tooltip. I would suggest a jQuery UI modal dialogue -

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For those taken to this topic from Google and looking for a tooltip solution for the current Limesurvey 3 version: The Limesurvey 3 themes are using the Bootstrap framework which offers native tooltip support. If you are looking for additional information about using Bootstrap tooltips at a Limesurvey survey: We have just written a lengthy blog post about this topic, how to customize the Bootstrap tooltips and which additional options there are available.

Have a look at " How to use Bootstrap tooltips at a Limesurvey survey ".

There is also a sample survey available .

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