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Retrieve the chronological order of the questions asked

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2 weeks 2 days ago #265735 by SidonieLaPsyDE
Please help us help you and fill where relevant:
LimeSurvey version: Version 6.5.15
Own server or LimeSurvey Cloud: LimeSurvey Cloud
Survey theme/template: fruity_twentythree

I'm contacting you because I'm having a problem interpreting the results of my questionnaire, which I'm administering as part of an experiment in psychology. This is my first experiment with LimeSurvey.

In this questionnaire, I have a group of questions (MTD_A), a group of reflection questions and another group of questions (MTD_B). I'm trying to assess the effect of the reflection questions on my MTD questions (A or B). So, to avoid bias, I randomised my MTD_A and MTD_B groups by group and I also randomised the questions within these 2 groups. Moreover, before activating the questionnaire I selected the option the "Save timings" option.

Unfortunately, when I exported the data I couldn't determine which group between MTD_A and MTD_B appeared first (or last): I couldn't find the chronological order of appearance of the questions asked for each participant, even when isolating each result. Similarly, I have the impression that I'm missing data on timekeeping : in the "submitdate" column I have the answer "1980-01-01 00:00:00" for the participants and the "groupTime" columns are empty. Would you have an explanation for this? 

Do you think there's a way, even a long and complicated one, that would allow me to find the chronological order of the questions asked? Even just one? Is there a way to use the timings to find a way (bearing in mind that I think I only have the time spent on each question)? Do you need more details or would you like me to send you a file?

Thank you very much for your time and attention,
Have a nice day!

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  • LimeSurvey Community Team
2 weeks 2 days ago #265737 by Joffm
as you said

to avoid bias

But now you want to know the order of groups and questions.
Do you have a hypothesis that there is a difference due to the order?
Then you should have stored the order.
[url] manual.limesurvey.org/ExpressionScript_-...#Access_to_variables [/url]
you find the two properties qseq (question sequence) and gseq (group sequence).
In a few questions of type equation you store these sequences, like
{list(MTDAQ1.gseq,MTDBQ1.gseq)}   (MTDAQ1 = code of first question in MTD_A,... depends on your coding)
{list(MTDAQ1.qseq,MTDAQ2.qseq,MTDAQ3.qseq,...)}  (all question codes of group MTDA,...)

 Now it's too late. Obviously you did not fully test your survey.

 in the "submitdate" column I have the answer "1980-01-01 00:00:00" for the participants and the "groupTime" columns are empty.

What type of survey and with which settings was it activated?



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