RCP API call to list_users returns empty response for large amount of users

4 days 16 hours ago #220848 by segui

I am not sure if this is a bug so I am posting here first in case I am missing something on my side.

I am trying to make an RCP API call to the list_users method from a python script, to list all the users (2019 in total) in my system. However, after a wait between 2-3.5 minutes, the call returns with a failure and an error message that seems to indicate the response is empty [ ('list_users', 'Not 0 < len(response.content)', 200, b'') ]. This, however, doesn't happen when I use list_surveys: it returns successfully in less than 20 seconds after going through the 4504 surveys in the system.

Is it possible that I am missing something here? Is there any known limitation or additional requirement to use list_users? What determines the amount of time to wait for before returning a response from an api call?

I attached the simple python script I am using to test. More info about my setup:

Using github.com/lindsay-stevens/limesurveyrc2api as suggested in the LSRC2 online documentation
Python version: 3.8.11
LimeSurvey version: 3.27.11+210809
Total amount of LimeSurvey users: 2019

Thank you very much in advance,


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4 days 5 hours ago #220854 by DenisChenu
Do you have access to the PHP error log ?

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