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2 months 1 week ago #220266 by oswaldp

I've been tinkering with LimeSurvey for a while now and after looking everywhere I can't figure out if what I'm trying to do is possible.

We have a survey set up in group mode where user can use the navigator to go from one group of questions to the next/previous one and I was tasked with "creating" a theme for this survey.
One of the requirements for this theme would be to have a user friendly navigation. This implies two things to implement:
  • On the first page: Display a "table of content". This table of content should be a set of tiles each representing a specific question group. Each tile should be able to display: The name of the group, the title of each questions it contains as well as what questions have already been answered. The goal here is to be able to show the user what questions he'll have to answer as well as his current progress.
  • During the survey: Display a progress bar that also shows the different question groups (can be clicked to navigate to them) with different colors depending on if all the questions of the group have been answered or not. Here again, the goals would be to allow navigation through question groups and give the user a summary of his progress.
My problem is that it seems the variable aSurveyInfo doesn't have the information loaded for all groups on the first page (I can actually get the title of every group through aSurveyInfo.aQuestionIndex.items, but not the detailed info about the questions). In the same way, if I try using ExpressionScript to reference later questions, their value appears blank, until I visit their respective page and come back to my table of content page.

Would love if anyone could help me with this as I've been stuck on this for too long now 
Thank you!

PS: LimeSurvey 3.27.17, build 210911 

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