Include pop-up in survey and save respondent's answer

2 months 2 weeks ago #218641 by elcaba
Hello all,
I am in the process of creating my survey and need to embed an external website for it. It is important that the consent behavior of the respondents is saved in the cookie policy (cookies are not really tracked, everything is fictitious). I have already integrated the external website via iframe. Can I perhaps create a pop-up with LimeSurvey, where I readjust the cookie guidelines and thus save the response? It should then appear as if these are the cookies of the website. For this, the pop-up window would have to appear above the iframe and be clickable. 
The bottom line is to insert a kind of pop-up like the one that always appears on the page in LimeSurvey. Of course I can also embed cookies directly on the website, but then LimeSurvey will most likely not be able to track the responses.
Or maybe there is a completely different solution? Thanks a lot!

LimeSurvey Version: Version 3.17.5
Browser: Google Chrome 
Included website: Created on wordpress itself 

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