Update response token using remote control functions

4 months 1 week ago #218479 by arnaudbore
Dear Limesurvey experts,

A quick presentation of my use case. My Limesurvey is directly linked to a booking system. Everything is coded in php and Limesurvey is controled using remote control functions through the booking system. When people make a reservation it creates a participant (using the token created by the booking system) and gives them a link to fill the survey. In some specific cases, it may happen that I need to change the token of the participant in Limesurvey. By doing so, I also need to update the token of the response because changing the token of the participant does not propagate to the responses.

I tried to use update_response using the id of the response and the new token but didn't seem to work. I'm not very fond of this option since it needs to enable the "alloweditaftercompletion" option for this survey and I did not wanted this.

While writing this, I'm thinking about exporting the responses and added them again with the new token and delete the old ones. It really feel like this would be a lot of painful work.

What do you think ? Any ideas on how to update a token response ?

Thank you in advance for your help

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4 months 1 week ago #218485 by DenisChenu
Except : create a new one with the new token : i don't really see.
Or extensions.sondages.pro/development-and-...i/documentation.html

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