1 survey and fetch data like course title, teacher from another DB/source

1 month 3 weeks ago #215504 by medarob

I have the following scenario:
We want to create a feedback form for courses. Data to each course like title, name of the teacher, starttime and endtime etc. is stored in a seperate DB.

The questions are the same for each course, only the title, teacher, starttime, endtime differs from each other.
Now, we don't want to manually create a survey for each course. That would be hundreds of surveys...The idea is to create 1 survey and pass information like the course title, organisator into the survey.

Now I read, that it should be possible to add a parameter to the url and that parameter could be used in the survey.
Would it work to add all necessary informations as seperate parameter to the limesurvey url and display them in the survey? With this approach it's possible to manipulate the parameter I guess...

Another idea: Can Limesurvey connect to another DB with, for example, the courseID to fetch the necessary informations?

Those informations should furthermore be stored in the limesurvey DB so that it's possible to see which feedback was given for each course.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #215510 by tpartner
1) Here is the manual section on prefilling via URL - manual.limesurvey.org/URL_fields

2) LimeSurvey cannot connect to another database. A solution may be to make an AJAX call to a remote file that queries that database.

Tony Partner

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1 month 3 weeks ago #215544 by holch
You could think of using tokens with a high number of "uses left".

Then in the token table you could store the course instead of a person, with custom attributes, etc. Of course you couldn't use tokens for the participants then, but if you would use tokens anyway, then you could include the course for each student in the token table anyway. So I assume you are using an open survey that anyone that has the link can answer.

You still would have to transfer the courses from your database to the token table and then create/copy the URL including the token for each course.

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