How to create the same question to every answer in previous question?

1 month 3 weeks ago #215397 by riversampling1
Dear colleagues,
Would you be so kind to help us in creating the following. We need to ask a special question (Q3, Q4...) for every answer in previous two questions (Q1, Q2).

The example is as follows: we have 2 questions Q1, Q2.

Q1. What companies do you know? (please type the name)
a. _____________
b. _____________
c. _____________
d. _____________

Q2. What companies do you prefer? (please choose as many as you like)
a. Company 1
b. Company 1
c. Company 1
d. Company 1
e. Company 1

Q3. Please score the company _____ (Q1 a).
Q4. Please score the company _____ (Q1 с).
Q5. Please score the company _____ (Q2 a).
Q6. Please score the company _____ (Q2 d).

The difficulty is that we do not know the exact amount of companies that respondent will mark in Q1 and Q2. So how can we create questions Q3 and others?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Kindest regards!

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1 month 3 weeks ago #215398 by Joffm
you really want to create as many questions Q3, Q4, ... as there is the maximum of Q1 + Q2?
Or do you create one multiple numerical question Q3?

for the first you use a question relevance like "!is_empty(Q1_a)","!is_empty(Q1_b)", and a (sub)question text "{Q1_a}"
for the second you use a (sub)question relevance like "Q2_a=="Y","Q2_b=="Y".

Better to send your prototype as lss export.

But in my opinion this is not the best approach.
Imagine your analysis if
1st repondent: Q1a : Samsung, Q1b: Nokia, Q1c: LG
2nd repondent: Q1a : LG, Q1b: Apple, Q1c: Motorola
3rd repondent: Q1a : Nokia, Q1b: ABC, Q1c: Samsung
Meaning you have to restructure a lot to have the scores of each brand in one column.


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