How to grant a team manager access to view response data?

3 months 1 week ago #208235 by blocka
I have a unique (?) situation where I need to have access to surveys that I will manage.

However, our organization does not want me to be able to access the survey response data. The only person in the organization who will be allowed to access response data is a senior HR manager.

I know that if that manager creates the survey, they can then assign me to the survey and deny me permission to view responses or access reports... But, the manager isn't technical, and doesn't want to get into having to create surveys each time.

But I don't see a way that I can create a survey, and then deny myself access to some parts of the survey.

Unless I'm wrong, the HR Manager must create the survey and grant me access to it, while denying me access to the response data. Am I right about this?

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3 months 1 week ago #208252 by DenisChenu
You can update the owner after creation.

Then with an user with only Survey create right :
1. Create
2. Give right to a second user (except reponse)
3. Update owner
=> second user can see and update your rights.

Else : plugin construction (BUT)

A plugin can disallow access to any user to responses, after :
1. how check wha can access ?
2. since your the technician (and can disable the plugon): you can access to the DB ...

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