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1 week 22 hours ago #205334 by asgsnhs
Hi there,

I have a survey that I am building that has a slightly unconventional scoring method, and I was hoping for some support in executing this within LimeSurvey/

It uses multiple questions but a final score is generated in an irregular fashion, and I am hoping to be able to build this in LimeSurvey so it can give me this without me calculating this myself. The score is generated in this sort of fashion:

(Highest score from questions 1 to 4) + (score from question 5) + (Highest score from questions 6 to 7) = Total Score.

The questionnaire is the QIDS-SR16 if anyone happens to be familiar.

Many thanks,

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1 week 22 hours ago #205335 by Joffm
Though you did not mention which version of LS you are using and your explanation is a bit short (e.g. what type of question are you using) I should say:

It is easy to realize with Expression Manager/Script.
Like (single punch questions, like list(radio))
If you use different types of questions, show us.

And read about the implemented functions

and Expression Manager/Script in general


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