Single Response - Relevance Equation

4 days 21 hours ago #203529 by scene143

I have a multichoice question (S12), in that want to add some logic in Edit Subquestion > Relevance equation

((S11b1.NAOK=="SQ076") or (S11b2.NAOK=="SQ076"))

S11b1 & s11b2 are single choice data capturing like SQ076, it seems condition is not working correct.

Can anyone help me to get the correct syntax?


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4 days 20 hours ago #203530 by Joffm
This is "a correct syntax"
if S11b1 and S11b2 are single questions and there are answer option codes like "SQ076"

But an answer option code "SQ..." looks strange. Usually default subquestion codes start with "SQ..."

So without seeing your survey, what elso to say?


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