tokens missing in responses table

4 weeks 2 days ago #202623 by acarreras
Hi, I have a survey with more than 19.000 participants and we have around 9.000 responses. All participants have a token and first name and the survey is not an open survey (participants must enter a valid token to do the survey)

In the responses table I have 15 responses (only 15/9000) without token and firstname.

I don't know why this is happening and how I can assign a participant to each of these 15 responses.

See attached a print of the response table with one example and the csv export.

Did anyone have the same problem? Or any idea how to solve this?

Thanks a lot


Versión 2.50.1+160823

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4 weeks 2 days ago #202640 by DenisChenu

acarreras wrote: LimeSurvey
Versión 2.50.1+160823

Possible issue in this version .

It's a "don't use in production" version …

Best solution : Stable (LTS) Release 3.22.26 :
A solution with less difference :

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