API, exporting responses + name & lastname & e-mail

1 month 6 days ago #202414 by r0bis
I usually export responses via RPC (LSRC2) using:
This works fine. However I notice that if you export manually via LS interface, you can add name, lastname, email etc from token-table to the columns exported from the survey response table for a non-anonymous survey. I wonder if I can do this via RPC as well? It is hard for me to understand looking at API:
export_responses(string $sSessionKey,integer $iSurveyID,string $sDocumentType,string $sLanguageCode = null,string $sCompletionStatus = 'all',string $sHeadingType = 'code',string $sResponseType = 'short',integer $iFromResponseID = null,integer $iToResponseID = null,array $aFields = null): array|string

Advice much appreciated.


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