How to deactivate confirmation mail

3 months 1 hour ago #201510 by nicolae_stan93

I have issue with confirmation mail. I want to be deactivate the mail confirmation. i read on website about this topic but the information is 8 years ago. So the suggestion would be to delete all from the Confirmation email subject and Confirmation email body. I did and after I save the information is still there. I thought that because of survey being active it didn't save. So I check with other survey deactivated and after I delete all the information from body and subject is still there the information.

How can I deactivate the confirmation mail ?
So the user don't receive any mail because the have to access several time the same URL/survey so I it will be not so nice for them to receive 10 email of confirmation.

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3 months 1 hour ago #201512 by DenisChenu
There are a switch :

If it don't work (since you are on 4.X … ) : maybe it's an issue.

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3 months 48 minutes ago #201517 by nicolae_stan93
Found it:
Participation Setting --> Send confirmation email
Thank you a lot.

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