Question validation equation limits

1 month 1 week ago #200422 by mbarbalas20
I created an Array (Numbers) question with checkboxes where I wanted participants to check 2 boxes in each column.

On the question logic tab, I created a Question Validation Equation that looked like:
(sum(Q02AUDCONNECTIO3_Y1_x1, Q02AUDCONNECTIO3_Y2_x1)==2)
where Q02AUDCONNECTIO3 was the Question Code.

This generated errors in the logic check.

If I shortened the question code to Q02 and edited the Question Validation Equation to:
(sum(Q02_Y1_x1, Q023_Y2_x1)==2)
There were no errors in the logic check and the question behaved as expected.

This is unexpected because the two equations are the same (with different Question Code identifiers). There is no reason one should generate errors and the other be error free.

I checked the documentation. The longer Question Code was still within the 20 character limit. I could not find any explicit limit on the length of a Question Code when used in a Question Validation Equation.

Am I missing something?

Version 4.2.3+200511
Running on Windows 10/Firefox browser version 75.0 (64 bit)

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1 month 1 week ago #200438 by tpartner
The question codes are case-sensitive. From your screenshot, it looks like you have used all uppercase in the validation equation, whereas the question code is a mix of upper and lower case.

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