Using URL parameter when embedding experiment in survey

1 month 1 week ago #200186 by tdevalk
Hi all,

I'm building a limesurvey that is connected to sona for participant management. I've used panel integration to store a participants id. Part of the limesurvey is an embedded jspsych experiment, that is hosted somewhere else. This experiment saves the data to a separate data storage, so not to the limesurvey itself. I would like to add the participants id as a url parameter to the link to this embedded experiment. That way the experiment data can be stored using the same id as the corresponding limesurvey. How do I add this id, that is stored using panel integration, to the link in my embedded experiment question? See below:

iframe.setAttribute("src", "experiment_adres?ppn=" + id)

Thanks a lot!

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LimeSurvey Partners
1 month 1 week ago #200188 by Joffm
with "Q1" as target question of your panel integration:


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