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1 month 2 weeks ago #199446 by andreasoelker
Hey everybody,

I´m in the progress of preparing my master thesis, which will be about detecting behavioral addictions through social media data with the use of machine learning. For that i need to collect social media data of users who also fill out some questionnaires.

And i wondered if anyone of you knows of an already existing connection between the reddit api and limesurvey? Or an implementation on how to insert external data into the surveys answers. I mean especially the collecting of user´s comments, upvotes and downvotes. The retrieved data could be saved as a string (json) in a single column.

Any anwers are appreciated!

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1 month 2 weeks ago #199478 by gabrieljenik
A script that queries reddit and then insert the data into LS would be what you need. So you will need to implement 2 connections.

Not clear where you want the data to be inserted in LS.
As per the Reddit part, I believe you should look a Reddit query example.

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