Screening form: double checked + signature -> possible ?

1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #199146 by arnaudbore
Dear experts,

Here is my dream use case:

I would need a survey that includes signature and camera questions.

Step one: an assistant fills the survey with a participant (on his own tablet). Signature and camera questions are not shown.
Step two: an expert load the previous answered survey (on his own tablet; now signature and camera questions are shown) and go through all the questions again with the participant again (to double validate, he can edit if needed). Once it's done the participant signs and if needed the expert can take a picture of an additional document.

Can I do this with LimeSurvey ;) ?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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1 month 3 weeks ago #199168 by holch
Limesurvey itself does not have camera questions or signature questions.

Accessing previous answers of an already completed survey is also not possible. You can continue a not completed survey that uses tokens, but then you would have to move back in the survey until the beginning. I don't think it makes much sense.

The service offers offline surveys for Limesurvey on Android phones / tablets and they have included some Android specific question types (will only work within the Offlinesurveys app, not from within Limesurvey), including a question that can take pictures and a signature feature:

Now the problem is to load the survey with the previous responses. YOu could think of creating a new survey with a token table that includes attributes containing the answers from the previous survey and pipe it into the new survey, but you probably don't have the time between step one and step two to create a manual token table. So you might have to do something with a plugin.

Maybe Denis already has one for this purpose, you never know:

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1 month 3 weeks ago #199176 by gabrieljenik

I can think of a solution:
- You could do that by using tokens and tokens persistence.
- As per the camera, you could use a file upload question.
- As per the signature, you could use this plugin:
- As per having different questions (extra questions) depending on who is entering, there are sme workaround, which depends on the UI you will be using to handle the whole process.

I would start with a PoC and later link all pieces by building some UI that makes the process easy to go.

If you need any help with that, please just drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PS: I know Dennis has some plugins for re-entering, but honestly not sure how to use them or how much they will cover. Still, worth checking as his plugins are great.

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